Hey guys

we all exercise our fingers everyday , and it helps us with dexterity and strength ...
so what technique do you use on your exercise routines ? ( scales , legato , 1234 ...)

Share your exercise techniques here ...
PS : English is not my first language
i usually go up and down a few scales in different positions for a few minutes making sure each note is clear and im not puttin more pressure than is required to make the note sound

and then i play chords in weird voicings i can find on the guitar

thats just everyday unless im practicing something specific liuke atm im precticing tremelo picking,sweeping,and bends
so after i fo the everyday warm up stuff ill practice that^
Legato threes and fours, ascending and descending.

Aside from that I also tend to just play, if I find that I want to do something and can't I practice that.
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My routine is always changing. After a month or 2 I get burned out on the current focus and move to other areas. Since I keep a log of my practice. I can come back to stuff months later and pick it up again.

The list of stuff I work on is too long to type out. But mainly it's isolated exercises that are either designed for maximum results... or isloated song parts that challenge my skills.
I also devote time to just playing to loops or tracks, that's imortant (to apply your motor skills in context of real music),
All will help improve some aspect of guitar playing or musicianship in general.
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First, I comb my hair.

Then I'll spend about 10 minutes striking "Cool" poses in front of a mirror while holding my guitar.

Then I'll arrange and plug in my assortment of pedals and search thru the clutter to find a guitar pick.

Next I'll tune my guitar. First by ear and then to see how far off I am with a tuner.

By that time my practice time is up.

I can never seem to get any better with my playing skills. ?!?

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I see that scales get the most use in exercise
as well as trolls messing around in threads ...
thanks for everyone who replied anyway ...
PS : English is not my first language
cant say I really have a routine. It just depends on what I what to learn or work on that day. It changes all the time.
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I just try and learn songs that I enjoy or play what I hear in my head and if I can't make the sound, I figure out why and practise it.
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that 1234 chromatic crap annoys the hell out of me. my fingers automatically go to the pentatonic scale :/

i usually just take fast licks from solos and slowly work my way up to speed. this is after stretching my fingers, elbows, and wrists.
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I warm up for about 20 mins, 10 min streching and 10 mins playing. The 10 min playing is mostly legato playing of scales and picking chromatics.

Then i do sheet reading exercises. So i can read it more fluently, damn it takes some time. :P ( work on it for 20 min/aday)

Then i work on a song i'd like to learn for about 30-40 mins.

And then i work on 6 solo licks from different guitarists i want to learn, for 30 mins.

That's how i roll.