Hi all,

I've been doing a lot of recording in garageband, and for me it suits all my needs. However I want to start putting some drum tracks in myself.

Does anyone know if theres a drum function in garageband, maybe where you can play along using your keyboard (like you can with the piano)?

or even a (cheap) drum machine that would do the same thing? I don't want to be spending loads of money just for some basic drum lines in my songs, and also don't want to get my dads drum kit out and annoy everyone on my street....

Open up a new software instrument track then on the right choose drums!
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If you haven't already found the solution:

1) Add New Track > Software Instrument
2) In the right panel's "Software Instrument" tab, choose "Drum Kits" > "Rock Kit" (for example)
3) Go to the "Window" menu and choose "Musical typing"
4) Press "z" to change the Octave to "C1" (bottom left corner of that screen). That makes the "A" key your bass drum and "S" your snare (to get you started). Play around with other keys.
5) Hit "Record" and go to town.

If you specify a "loop" segment (look it up in the help docs), you can add to the existing loop each time it starts over. This lets you incrementally add drums each time.
I love the guy who posted above me, just what I need - they don't sound too bad either.

Thanks mate!