I've been listening to "Take the Time" by Dream Theater.
Link: Click here to hear the song
I think it's overall a great song, i really love it!
Though, there's one part/section of the song that really gets me.
At 4:49 i jizz in my pants. That's one of the most awesome things i've ever heard.
So i was wondering: What kind of genre is this? And what other bands play such stuff?
I'd really appreciate if there were anybody who have suggestions, that might lead me to finding bands playing that kind of progressive funk.

Thanks in advance!
dream theater is considered by most to be "progressive metal". prog metal is a pretty broad genre, covering everybody from Primus and King's X, to Opeth, Mastodon, Between the Buried and Me, to Dream Theater. some bands (DT, BTBAM) focus on technicality and musicianship to the extreme, while others pull from other influences of progressive music. if you like DT try Symphony X or really any band i mentioned above.
Thanks for the suggestions.
Though, this time im not looking for progressive metal. I like Dream Theater and other progessive bands like Kansas. I just thought that probably, this short section of the song would fit into some genre or category.
I'm trying to expand my horizon a bit, can i really love those funky tunes in some of DT's songs.
Try Soft Machine, or Caravan - what's known as the Canterbury Scene, a jazz/fusion scene in prog. It's from the early 70's though so don't expect something as modern as DT's song ...