Hi all,

I want to buy my second guitar soon. I don't really plan on spending heaps, maybe $600-$700aud. And while I know just going into a shop and finding something I like the feel and sound of in that price range is the most sensible option, I don't want a brand new guitar.. I prefer the look of old 50's and 60's silvertones I see on ebay and honestly, just don't see the point in buying another mass produced guitar when there are so many cool old ones kicking around. I'm chasing a Jack White, QOTSA, Clutch sound.

There are so many of these cheaper vintage guitars ie. silvertones, teisco, airline and kay's I don't know which ones to look out for in particular, which ones are nice to play, which ones respond well to modifications?

Anyone with experience playing or modding these guitars, do you have any advice

Thanks very much,
I saw a vintage epiphone 1984(i think) MIJ in sydney, post on my UG profile if u want any more info
Josh Homme used to have a Teisco '68 V-2, & I'm pretty sure he modified his.
look around for an older "burns" guitar.

they look really cool and classy
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If i were you i wouldnt get a teisco guitar. the airline guitars are very cool guitars but im not sure whether they are made with wood but the binding definately isnt, anyway the silvertone SSL3 look ok for a really cheap price on ebay but you would definately need to get new pickups. New pickups (I would reccomend Seymour duncan pickups or gibson pickups, neck and bridge) and a new guitar (assuming its the silvertone would cost around 400 american dollars, i dont know about Australian Dollars. the airline guitars would be the best option if theyre made of wood (just look it up) You can also always find i used road worn strat or MIM strat or les paul studio for around $600 us dollars and then you would need to change the pickups cos theyre top notch! i would recommend an american road worn strat or a les paul.
I think you'll have to be a bit careful with the older guitars.

Cos there won't be as many things around today that will fit some of the more quirky features of those guitars.

What with their unusual tremolos and oddly housed pickups.

Though any guitar will respond well to mods, providing you do them right!
It's just that replacement parts will be harder to find. (unless you mod it to fit newer pickups/bridge/tuners...though I think the tuners on those kinda guitars are usually normal enough!).
Serendipitously.... I demo'd a vintage Univox yesterday at the local GC. Yes, it was all original. Yes, it had the distinctive sound of the 60's; just like I remember most MiJ guitars sounded. I was NOT enamored of the $349 price tag due to the following:
Bent neck, nasty mold on the interior, shake and it rattles, binding was tite; but looked as if it would separate at a sneeze, couple of snags at fret ends, chrome was spotty, pickup surrounds were getting funky, ad infinitum.

For a vintage, I guess all could have been overlooked. It played well enuff and sounded just right, for the genre; but it was still no great shakes for the price. If I hadn;t had one virtually identical in 1967, it would have held only passing curiosity. As it was, I passed on it.

To have made the purchase and THEN swapping out PU's, adding new trem, etc, would have been a pure waste of bux!

Buy a "vintage" for the sound or playability. Changing an original to something else is silly; unless yer going only for the "look". In that case....buy a repro and have done with it.

Then again....if it had been cherry red instead of green...I mighta pulled the trigger on it........just to have one like I usta. Now.. that hammered out '67 Gretsch Golden Eagle (?) on the bench WAS a treat ta behold; warts and all

just my $.02
I have an old Teisco sitting in the garage that I need to restore. It's a heap of shit though, plywood body and ridiculously neck heavy. Quite quirky though.