Hey guys, I need a new guitar.

It has to be an electro acoustic, i'm doing my first only acoustic gig in a couple of weeks and it's of a decent size now unfortunately this gig has come on me rather quickly and my current electro acoustic has an awful sound. I can't mic up the guitar, as I need to be moving about so it needs to actually plug into the guitar.

Budget: £300-350
Location: North of England, can easily get to Manchester/Leeds.
New or used: Either, not bothered.
Kind of sound: Not too certain to be honest on what kind of sound I want to achieve from an acoustic, but I can tell you the kind of music we're playing.
Doing some covers by Ron Pope and some stuff that isn't already acoustic guitars such as Lil Wayne "how to love" (Don't worry, I didn't pick these. I'm not the singer) and Maroon 5.

Not too bothered about what brand, I just need something with a decent tone as it's gonna be played pretty loud through a PA system.