Verse 1:
to be or not to be, that is the question
i think for our own sake i have new suggestions
its not saying that you're wrong or you're right
so we're not having that kind of fight tonight

just get over it (oh-oh over it)

a jealous streak runs from you to me
and i can't receive an emergency
so tightly bound by words of lovers
lets remain in check/or im over it...

Musical Interlude

Chorus 2:
let's believe/( grab my hands and run away)
in a fantasy/(that will never end today)
no i can not breathe/(making a new move on the scene)
in this fantasy/(and the death of you and me)


hands leading/to vials of poison of dead lovers
i'll never be/just that kind of Romeo
i'll be your toy/ but to love is to destroy...

Chorus 2
The first chorus is filled with awkward phrases. The idea of citing problems with the relationship and ending with the line "or I'm over it," echoing the pre-chorus, is a good idea. However, the actual lines in the chorus as written are floppy and weak.

The bridge seems to be there only to reference the play, and again the phrases are strained and awkward. Here are some examples:

"jealous streak runs from you to me" - Jealous streaks are usually inside things, not traversing distances. This image is simply odd, and then the "from you to me" phrase is an awkward way of just saying "between us."

"can't receive an emergency" - Why would you want to receive such a thing? What does this even mean?

"bound by words of lovers" or "vials of poison of dead lovers" - Both of these phrases are terribly impersonal ways of talking about either love or suicide. This is likely exacerbated by the fact that you use the most convoluted of genitive constructions ("something of something else") to talk about possession and composition at the same time ("vials [containing] poison [belonging to] dead lovers").

Following the Hamlet reference in the verse, it all adds up to something pretty confusing.

All that said, starting off a Romeo and Juliet song with a Hamlet reference, especially one having to do with suicide (a theme in both plays) is an interesting way to start, and it gave me the focus I wanted to actually read and critique the whole thing. However, you might want to do more with that later on to make it work.

Also, the verse, pre-chorus, and chorus 2 are all pretty tight, in a poppy kind of way, and I can see that some of this could be made into a good song. I'd suggest a re-write on chorus 1 and the bridge and seeing where that got you.

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