first song thats worth getting some crit on imo its a collab with my brother, we will add a vocal line later on

listen without rse for the best sound
Inspired by Ibanez RGA321F Prestige, Gibson Les Paul Standard
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Woah, how long did it take you to put the chord over every single repeat of that chord? :p

Anyways, Im going to crit as I listen:
- I liked the intro/chorus thing a lot. I'm a huge fan of using full chords in distortion, especially with some octaves behind it, and you did exactly that, so I really liked the sound of it.
- I really liked that beat at bar 23, but the cowbell made me laugh a little. It seems like it's a lot louder than everything else is haha
- Chorus was great once again, flows really well, and I love the feel behind the whole song. It gives me some sort of Spanish vibe, but I have no clue why haha.
- The Bridge was immense! I've loved your lead lines throughout by the way, just thought Id say that.
- The song then calms down for the 3rd Verse, and then I can imagine that improv solo is going to be very peaceful and melodic sounding when you finish it up, I already can tell I'll like it. And the way it gets heavy at the end is great, like a perfect solo, and the fadeout fit as well.

Overall, it's such a solid song, I don't really see anything wrong with it to be honest. Excellent chords used, tasty leads, and room for a nice melody overtop. If you don't mind, I kinda wrote in a very rough draft of a vocal melody overtop just so that I could see what your song would sound like with one, so I guess I'll post it here, maybe it can give you some inspiration?

Oh and if you would, could I get a C4C on this?
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