I've had my new strings in for a few months now, but only just noticed that the plastic pins for the low E, A and D strings aren't fully pressed in, the A and D pins are maybe 3 or 4mm's out compare the the G, B and e pins. The low E is out about an extra mm out from the A and D pins also.. Is this due to me restringing my guitar wrong? It hasn't seemed to have made a difference to the sound, although I do get a fair bit of buzzing sometimes.
as long as the 'plastic pins' stay in firmly, it's no problem
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unless they pop all the way out, you're fine. what may have happened is that the increased tension of the lower strings has pulled the pins out slowly over time, which is why you didn't notice it til recently. next time you restring your guitar, bend the string a couple millimeters above the ball end so that when its in the bridge the ball isn't putting pressure on the bridge pin and pushing it out.
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...or you may have put different pins in different holes. Not all pins and holes are the fit. Like Enclose said... If they stay iin, you're fine.
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Hi Reece Spurs here is a mock up pic I did to explain how to remove bridge pins "easily" if you have a look at the pic ,,, the reason some of your pins are at different heights (which is perfectly normal) if you look at how the pins hold the 'ball end' of the string. It is by the ball jamming between the pin & against the bottom of the bridge plate. The point at which it jamms is dependant on how the three parts meet (ball end , bridge pin & bridge plate underside) so there is more chance they will sit at different heights than sit all the same. Mind you you can with great difficulty make them all line up evenly.

Here you are mabye this is easier to understand (edited the original)


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