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Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles - Fall of Troy
8 47%
Logan Circle - The Wonder Years
0 0%
About A Girl - The Academy Is
2 12%
Other (please specify)
7 41%
Voters: 17.
I'm in a jersey pop punk band. We have a show coming up and we don't know which song we want to cover.

Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles - Fall of Troy
Logan Circle - the Wonder Years
About A Girl - The Academy Is...

What does the pit think?
Poll coming soon.
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Learn all three?

If not; The Fall of Troy.
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Paramore - Let The Flames Begin
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Because the 3 I put up here were the ones we agreed on originally. I thought I might see which one won so we could decide which we were going to actually include. Ee're going to probably play it second to last in our set just saying.

EDIT: We have our own stuff. This isn't a promotion thread though so I'm not going to post it in here.
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jersey pop punk band.


Play some god damn Streetlight ffs, and I'll just, erm, cleverly ignore "pop" >_>


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play Foggy Mountain Breakdown.
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Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles is guitar-wise probably my favorite song ever. So, if you can pull it off, it should definitely be that.

EDIT: Also, props for not doing FCPREMIX like every other band ever that wants to cover TFoT.
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