Hi, I'm painting a guitar, and I'm very familiar with painting guitars, I've done probably 20 guitar paint jobs, but I've always used the same Kyrlon Crystal Clear for all of them. In case you've never used the stuff, it never gets as hard as a factory finish, and in my experience, the rubber coating on guitar stands and wall hooks EAT the paint off. Not sure why, but it totally deforms the paint even years after the paint was applied.

I then moved on to using Minwax polyurethane clear coat. The stuff dries very hard, I don't seem to have any issues with guitar stands, but its VERY hard to work with, VERY hard to sand, and it turns yellow after about a month. The guitar I'm looking to paint is going to be pure white, so yellowing can NOT happen!

Does anyone have a recommendation of a clear coat IN A SPRAY CAN, that can be bought at WalMart or Home Depot, that will give me a very hard surface that wont be affected by guitar stands, and WILL NOT turn yellow?

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HB Body produce a 2k clear in a can, they're based in Greece. Google them and see if they have distributors/dealers in the US.

Edit: I know you went with a different product but, for information purposes, do not use HB Body 2k clear in a can. I have recently discovered it is NOT actually a 2k product. The manufacturers say it's a Thermoplastic Acrylic (TPA), but no explanation on why it has "2k" printed on the can.
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Min Wax Clear Lacquer, works well. They also have some other nice clears you may like. And you can get them at Wal-Mart.
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