So I'm headed out to college tomorrow and I wanna buy a good set of speakers, both for my laptop and to put my guitar through with my Line 6 Pod X3 Live (so this does count as a gear question I guess). Anybody have any suggestions for good speakers or studio monitors or something like that?
Got a budget? Too bad you don't have much time. Powered studio monitors pop up on my CL every now and then. I picked up a set of Samson Resolv 65a powered monitors for $80. I see others about the same for $100 -$150 every now and then.
Yeah I'm going to school near Chicago, and I have a free day after I drive over there so I was hoping to just poke around some music stores and stuff like that. And I don't have tons of money to throw around but $100-$150 wouldn't be a problem at all.
Well if you want something that will give a good representative sound of what everybody will hear through their system then the industry standard is Yamaha NS10. They aren't the greatest monitor but if you use monitors that are too good then you have no idea what it will sound like through an average system. After a pro studio mixes a track through their ultra revealing high end monitors they listen to it through NS10's to get a representation of what the average Joe will be hearing. I mean, who has $100,000 JBL monitors at home?
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