i've been gettin into cloudkicker lately.. and also post-rock..
he's like a good mix between djent and post-rock and i want to play some of his songs but they're mostly in drop c or that, i hate retuning so are there bands that sound alike and use drop d tuning?
Post-rock is awesome, my favorite kind of music, but I have never heard of cloudkicker. Are they anything like Pelican? Like more post-metal?
Sounds pretty good. There are not too many good post-rocky tabs on this site. Personally, I only know a couple post rock songs on guitar, but I learned them by ear. I play "Aurora Borealis" by Pelican which is originally in B tuning but I know how to play it in standard tuning. I'll be writing a tab for it later on. I also know how to play "Waltz for Aidan" by Mogwai, which I already wrote a tab for if you want to check it out.

I know Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, and This Will Destroy you write primarily in standard tuning.
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I don't think cloud kicker is at all post rock but you should be able to play his stuff in drop c, it'll just be a tone higher...

yeah i know dude xD i actually meant the interludes.. like the calm parts and stuff.
and his other music also, wich is totally post rock