Pretty sure I'm in the right forum for this, but if not feel free to tell me.

I have three electric guitars in my possession, each suffering from a unique electrical problem. The first is an LP copy that has frequent volume drop off at completely random intervals. These intervals are completely unavoidable, and no amount of jiggling or knob turning can fix the situation; one can only wait until the guitar decides to stop being such a little bitch. The second is an MIM strat that has the same volume problems, but only when the input jack is accidentally struck. The third (and least pressing) problem is a Squier Telecaster with a scratchy pot.

It's been a long time since I've picked these guitars up; I left my band about a year ago and only started playing electric in the last 2 weeks. The LP and the strat have been modified electrically, a pickup change and a tone pot change respectively. If anybody has any theories/queries/solutions I'd be extremely thankful!
1. check the cord, if not, check pickup wiring.
2. same deal.
3. just buy a new pot if you can't clean it.
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Thank you for the suggestions so far, I'll take a look at a new pot. I've tried multiple guitar cords already, even plugging directly into the amp, that doesn't seem to be the problem. I didn't touch the input jack when I was working on my strat, I just did a fairly common mod to change the tone from bridge/middle, to just bridge. Really just 10 seconds of soldiering work. I will have to take a look at the LP's wiring though, I did it several years ago. Perhaps a short circuit?
try oppening jack on guitar and tighten it
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