Evening all! Here is my latest work for you to cast your eyes over. It's slightly different to what I've recorded previously (see profile or link in sig). Kinda progressive with some symphonic metal influences, amongst others. I intend to record it when I've finished doing the one I'm working on currently, which should be soon, and I already have a singer lined up to do the vocals.
Anyway, any comments and suggestions welcome.
C4C of course.
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Well, I really liked it. All the riffs are good, it's complex and fun and everything it should be.

Still, some things bothered me. The vocals felt a little flat and... well, boring. Maybe it's because it's a flute, I don't know.
When the Intro is played again it isn't different from the first time in any way (or else I didn't notice anything different) and it just feels like you play the same thing again. It's a matter of taste, but I would prefer if some things were different the second time.

The 4:4 part was very Maiden. I liked that :P

Overall great song. Tell me when you've recorded it please
This is a really interesting song. The intro riff was cool, although theres only the guitar and drums playing....why? It makes it sound kind of empty. Perhaps switch the guitar to a clean one or jazz one...just a suggestion.

The verse and bridge are nice, vocal melody is soaring and epic. The chorus is cool too, although 4x repeat might be a tad too much. Unless of course the lyrics are going to be different every time, which would be sweet.

I really like the organ and piano parts that go from the verse through the chorus, it sounds like something a piano player would definitely do, and there is a nice balance of melody and arpeggios/runs.

Measure 55 is really sick! Good choice of bringing in some strings at 60, helps to keep the flow going. 66-74 is REALLY epic! The intro (again) sounds much better this time with the synths backing the guitar up. I wasn't much of a fan of the guitar solo, but it was cool anyway. I feel like the last few measures of the song fit well, although the chorus again was kind of boring to me now as I had heard it alot of times. I really like how there were lots of complex time sigs and runs/arps even though it listened like a simple-ish power metal/symph song! good job!
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I am pleasantly surprised by this... It kinda reminds me of Angra. I like it, for the most part, quite a bit.

First things first though, I'm not a fan of the intro riff. I think it's admirable that you tried to vary it and develop it and stuff, but I think it's just jarring and sounds like it's trying too hard to be "prawg". Stick with... Well, the first measure is good, and it would allow it to just sound cool, and remain somewhat progressive. It's a unique enough riff without trying to **** with the timing and such. The chords also kinda throw this off.

That said the verse is fine. The chorus is actually really, really excellent. Every time it's used this remains the case. I do think the song is a tad repetitive though. 3 repeats of those would be fine. Two repeats would be as well.

The 12/8 section is ****ing fantastic. I love how it develops so nicely throughout the course of the section. I actually think going back to the verse/chorus/intro while it works ok, is a bit unnecessary though. Maybe a variation on the verse and the chorus at a higher speed, like 200 bpm would be good, but as is it kind of breaks up the momentum.

The 4/4 section is also excellent, as is the solo and post solo melody. This is the reason going back to the normal intro/verse breaks up the momentum so much as well.

I like the end. Works quite well. Satisfying, I suppose.

Overall though, good job. I like it, aside from a few parts. This is definitely one of the more creative/original songs I've seen here in a while.
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