Hello guys, this my first post ever, but dont go soft on me, be honest.
This song is done, and the music is written, but I would like a second opinon on the lyrics, since me and my band mates just think its awsome, no questions asked

Also we are from Denamrk so if some of the english is a bit off, please let me know.

The music of the song is somwhere in between Judas Priest - Devils child and some Kiss / ac/dc - ish glam/heavy rock I guess.

Addict of love

1st Verse:

You heard it from your mother
Your sister said it’s true
There won’t ever be another
Who can rock you, baby like I do

Your farther, your preacher, your high-school teacher
They all tell you that I’m bad
They say that I’m good for nothing, and I best be forgotten
But still I’m driving you mad

My love is a drug and you want it baby
I make you smile, while the world is burning
You can’t get enough and it’s driving you crazy
You’re an addict giiiiiiirl

An addict of love
You’re an addict of love, girl
You’re an addict oooof love
Addict of looooove

2nd Verse:

Listen baby I’ll kill you
So get those hands off of me
Sooner or later the bill’s due
And no rehab’s gonna cure this disease

Cause I’ll be under your skin, deep in to your vains
Posses your body and I’ll spin you brain
Got a grip on your soul, shackle your heat
Bring you instant pleasure, but I’ll tear you apart

Have a nice day