Done quickly, not much metal, hopefully not many of you have heard you bunch of ghouls.

Enjoy regardless,


September 23 - rg_metal
September 30 - Lappo
October 7 - Cianyx
October 14 - The Wildchild
October 21 - AnnihiSlateR
October 28 - \Powerslave/
November 4 - Butt Rayge
November 11 - Kepulix
November 18 - Cambyses
Always slow to the start. Comon, there's a bit of noise, a bit of avant-garde, some italian acoustic stuff, black metal.

Umm...Luciano Cilio is on here, so are Embers. There's a few.
I'll try and listen to this later on tonight, for you have piqued my interest Severed.
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What is this?

The most sloppy, confusing, random playlist imaginable. Welcome to the mind of severed-metal!
Hmmmm, i shall listen when my song is over.
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