hey, i got a cheap behringer delay to get started, you know so i don't spend a lot of money on something i don't know yet if it's my thing even though i don't have lots of money like to spend 150 on an mxr carbon copy or whatever but anyway...

any tips to get familiarized with a delay, since i've been messing around for a while but i can't seem to get the delay i want or something...

kind of like the stuff my bloody valentine uses or the silversun pickups but i just can't get around to it, any help or comments or whatever would be very appreciated
Delay is just one of those things where you have to mess around with it. Maybe you just don't like the pedal you bought? They all have different sound and feel to them. Digital pedal sound dryer and cold, while analog pedals sound a bit warmer and more natural. It all just really depends on what you like and how you have it set up.

If you are using your amp's distortion, run the pedal through the effects loop to cut down on the preamp noise. If you are using a od/distortion pedal on a clean channel out in front of them amp, then run the delay out front.

what I like to do is have it set real short, just one or two repeats, just enough to thicken p a rhythm tone or to add a bit of echo to a lead tone.
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