Hello, I am about to buy an Ibanez RG471AH, which is an ash body guitar with HSH configuration and a stop tailpiece. I have heard the pickups in this guitar and I'm not happy with them, but I love the feel of the body and the neck. I've been trying to find the best pickups to achieve the sound I want to achieve, but I'm a little bit lost as I haven't changed out pickups but a few times before, and previously only used GFS pickups. For this project, none of the pickups I'm familiar with seem appealing.

I play a pretty wide variety of music. Honestly, I would like to keep the sound as diverse as possible while still being able to accomplish a good grunge/metal sound as this is probably what I will play the most with this guitar. I play some thrash (primarily early Metallica and Megadeth type material), some overdriven blues (but not 100% necessary on this guitar, as I use my G&L S500 for this), and also what I guess you would call indie, though I hate that title. I like to play things like modest mouse, etc. I have recently been trying to get into shred just a little, but by no means is what I would be playing primarily.

I would be running this through a Blackheart Little Giant or a Peavey Transtube 212 EFX, though I plan to probably get a VHT Special 6 Ultra combo in the very near future. For effects I sometimes use a Germanium 4 Big Muff Pi pedal, and other times I use a Vox ToneLab ST.

I am not familiar with pickups matched with ash bodies at all. I like DiMarzio pickups a lot, I have discovered, and would really like to stay with their brand if at all possible. What I'm leaning towards now is DiMarzio Breeds for the bridge and neck and maybe an 'Area 61'(?) for the middle position. I know the Breeds have a lot of mid in them, which I figure is a good thing as I don't play anything as heavy as death metal or black metal, and if I need to scoop mids I will just use my amp for that, or an EQ pedal. Are the pickups above good choices for what I'm trying to accomplish? Would there be better options? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Check out dimarzio. They have sound clips on their site and good info on all of their pickups. http://www.dimarzio.com/pickups/humbuckers?view=grid

What I like is the Tone Zone for the bridge position. It is chunky and as good output but is not overpowering, kind of like a PAF on steroids. For the neck position I like the Humbucker From Hell, it sounds like a single coil, but with humbucker muscle and output. Also the PAF anniversary, just a classic pickup all around.

The Ash body is pretty bright so I would avoid some of the brighter pickups and go for the thicker stuff.

For single coils, I like the Area pickups. They sound like vintage strat pickups but with no hum. If you want something fatter sounding, I would look as the HS-2
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Right now I'm still liking the Breeds for neck and bridge, and for the middle can't decide between hs-3(or is it ht-3?), Area 61 and a neck position Injector....