Hey guys, so I plan on ordering a new guitar here in a few hours since I got my first paycheck My price range is up to about $400-$500 and ill be ordering from zzounds.com so I can use they 4 part financing plan. Ive been leaning torwards Ibanez, since I have an S420 that I love the feel of. Styles of music I play are hard rock, metalcore, and some softer, clean stuff occasionally (think BTBAM and Scale the Summit). So far, heres my choices:
Ive kinda been GASing for another 7 string ever since I sold my Schecter 7, but I also want another 6 string to keep in Standard tuning (since my S420 stays in Drop D). So, recommendations? Im also open to other suggestions as well. Oh, and trying them out isnt really and option since I live in the middle of nowhere and none of the little local stores carry Ibanez. Thanks guys
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I own a Ibanez 100.... Man what a great guitar the rock town is awesome as is the clean jazz tone very responsive pickups and electronics.... So I would lean towards the Art 400
I'd get the 7 string. If you keep it in Standard or Drop A, you'll still have E standard on the top 6 strings.
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