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Learn as many instruments as you can.
18 62%
Pick one and master it.
11 38%
Voters: 29.
Do you think it is important to learn as many instruments as you can, or pick one and master it?
For example: I've been playing guitar for almost two years, and I've gotten a lot better over the summer. Then I found my brother's old bass and ukulele and learned a few simple songs. Began to learn piano in my music course at school that started last week, and just today I found my trumpet that I played in the 4th grade for a whole 2 weeks and began to play that. I feel like all of this is transferring over into my guitar playing, writing and playing(that shitty bass really strengthened my fingers )

What's your opinion?
I like playing multiple instruments, and I'm not a master of any. Not even close. It depends on he person.
Learn stuff on the other instruments then apply it to the guitar. Seriously, I transcribe piano and saxophone riffs onto guitar. Do it.
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As someone who's doesn't give a shit about how difficult it is to play a song, I say learn as many instruments as you're interested. But if you like technical music, then you're probably better off with just one.
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As the cockatoo above me says, it depends on the person. personally I also really like playing several instruments, and am certainly not anywhere virtuosic on any of them.
some instruments have shared concepts or playing styles, playing piano's quite similar to guitar in some ways and both complement each other in terms of finger independance/strentgh
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Also i say just play as many as you like, no one says you have to master an instrument. And no one says you have to learn as many as possible. You do what you want. Personally i would want to learn as many as i can because chances are i'll never be the best at any of them so might as well have as many that i can play proficiently so i can keep myself entertained endlessly lol. Always wanted to pick up the saxophone but they are expensive as hell.
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You have a shit thread title, i thought you were going to ask how to be witty.

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It depends on he person.

this. it depends on what you want to do. some people may very well want to be able to record entire albums featuring eclectic instrumentation all by themselves. some people may want to learn to play a variety of types of music that require different instruments to have an authentic traditional sound (such as learning sitar to play Indian music, morin khuur to play Mongolian music, and balalaika to play Russian music).

other people may just want to focus on one instrument, and if they want to play types of music that don't traditionally incorporate that instrument they will make it work (for example using electric guitar for those types of music i mentioned is not traditional, but there's no reason why you couldn't use it for them if you wanted to).

though many instruments are fairly similar, so once you become proficient on one, it becomes that much easier to become proficient on another. for example an experienced saxophonist would have a much easier time picking up clarinet then someone who has never played an instrument. or a guitarist will similarly have an easier time picking up lute.

even someone who plays fiddle would have an easier time learning accordion than someone who hasn't played an instrument, because many instruments, other than most percussion, trombone, harmonica, jug, slide guitar, and a few others consists of similar types of finger motions (at least on the left hand), such as fingering a sax and fretting a ukulele, so to an extent you would already have a start on that aspect of the instrument. in this way learning multiple instruments is also helpful because practicing one will, to an extent, help with the other as far as finger strength and finger independence go.

another thing that's good about multi-instrumentalism is that all instruments have their own subtle nuances, and so learning one instrument can cause you to think about another differently. for example by learning violin you might develop a type of phrasing than a trumpet player would, and you can take that and actually apply it to trumpet. or perhaps taking piano playing techniques and apply them to guitar in the form of eight finger tapping.

on the other hand, instruments are very expensive, so the more you play the more money you will need. and there are a number of instruments that can be very difficult to learn properly on your own, so learning many instruments can require getting many lessons, which again are expensive and also very time consuming. and even though different instruments may be similar, there are still enough differences that nothing is a perfect substitute for the real thing, so you will have to practice each instrument at least a little bit to maintain your ability on it.
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Learn stuff on the other instruments then apply it to the guitar. Seriously, I transcribe piano and saxophone riffs onto guitar. Do it.

yeah i do
this too
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its always better to experiment with different things. It is my lifelong dream to be able to play sitar
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I play guitar, drums, and bass and i have to say I'm glad I do. When your in a band situation, it helps to know everyone else's instruments (But not at the level they may be at, you cant be THAT good at them all), because if you want them to change something, they won't understand "Hey do that thing that sounds like this"
Honestly, it's tons of fun. Not just instruments in the same vein as guitar, either. I learned flute, trumpet, and string bass in the last half of my high school, had a blast with it, and continue to play them into college, even in ensembles. But having a background in all of them makes my methods classes so much easier.

So even if only for fun, absolutely yes.
I just like to learn chords and stuff on other stringed instruments cause it's hella easy. Wouldn't say i'm good at them though, but I don't care.
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