Well there aren't vocals yet but I wrote this a few years ago with the intention of being kinda poppy, or just catchy really. I recorded this before actually but it was terrible so hopefully it's a little better now. I know my guitar tone is pretty poor, the lead especially, but tell me watcha think anyway.

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Good quality sir. Hats off to you. I usually don't like hardcore music but I like how cool this sounds. The guitar work is very clean and well written. I'd love to hear this as a finished song with a vocalist. To me (keep in mind I don't know much about this genre) sounds similar to Coheed and Cambria's guitar work (maybe not the lead style but definitely the rhythm guitar). I enjoyed it and sincerely think you should get a band together because you know what you're doing.

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Cheers guys. I did kinda have a band last year actually, but we could never find a good enough singer which was a real shame, and now we're all going uni so that's not really gonna happen any more. But there's always band opportunities and university hey!
Thanks a lot man. I'm not sure where to return the crit so I guess I'll do it here?

I listened to Track 1 and I liked it, but it's just not the most interesting. Like, it's been done a lot before. It reminds me of Black Tide and Sum 41 actually. It's not the most original, doesn't stand out from a lot of music these days. Sorry if that sounded harsh, but I still enjoyed it, great feel throughout the song and I liked the general mood of the song.
Great job man, really good work on keeping it interesting throughout even though it's not technically a finished product. My only criticism would be the bass and leads could do with turning up a tiny bit, other than that there's not much that needs improving. Which drum vst did you use on this song btw?
Cheers mate! Yeah I've gotta do a bit of EQing for the bass as well, and I agree about the leads too. I'm struggling to write a vocal melody though, although it'd probably be a bit easier if I wrote the lyrics first.

Oh and I used Superior Drummer 2 with some adjustments done to one of the presets, didn't do the best job to be honest but that's just something that I need to spend more time on.
First, let me say the quality on this is really great. I wish I could get recordings up to this caliber, but unfortunately can't afford it.

The intro riff caught me by surprise, to say the least. It has a vibe very similar to many of Coheed and Cambria's catchy riff structures and melodies. The rhythm also reminded me much of them as well. On the whole, the riffs in this song are just extremely catchy, but pop friendly in so many respects. I'm not sure I would personally call this "post-hardcore", but then again I'm not overly familiar with that genre. I suppose a big part of it is how the vocals sound and so on?

You say the guitar tone is pretty "poor", but I don't feel that way at all. I presume this is home recorded as well? It sounds excellent on the whole. There are a few muffled parts throughout, which could probably be fixed with some additional mixing. Personally, I like the slight lo-fi quality this song has. It makes it feel much more authentic and natural. Sort of like comparing Coheed's "Neverender" album to their later releases.

As is evident, this song definitely needs the vocals to really come to life. It's hard to critique when I am uncertain as to how the final product will sound. All I can really commit to is the fact that this is a pretty solid song as it is, and with well done vocals it can be even better. I'd advise that you just take your time working on them and don't rush them. They will make or break this piece for sure.

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Thanks for the deep crit man. I'm not entirely sure what genre to call my music, but post-hardcore was the closest thing I thought of. I'm really glad to see people actually think the guitar tone is good, it's fairly basic what I'm doing with it as well. I think EQing will clear out the muffled parts, once I figure out how to do it that is. As for the vocals, yeah trust me I really wanna make sure they're good, that's why I'm struggling so much to write them, because I'm finding it difficult to tell whether whatever I come up with is good or not.

I'm not gonna be able to c4c your song just yet, gotta get up early to move out to uni, then it's freshers week so I'm gonna be pretty busy. Although I'm sure I can find time to properly return the crit on Tuesday, or even Monday maybe.
On the vocals, you could always try out different ideas and post them up for critique. I've done similar things in the past. Getting multiple third parties to critique your vocal ideas would definitely be useful. Just thought I'd note that :-)
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Thanks Reages!

Ulalume: Yeah that's true, probably the best way to do it actually. Just letting you know, I haven't forgot about returning the crit. I've just been really really busy since I last posted. It'll probably have to wait for this weekend.
Really liked this, is a shame you couldn't find a singer, the entire thing just screams for some vocal melodies and screams over the top.
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Intro is quite bouncy and upbeat, indeed quite catchy like you say
Playing is pretty tight. As for the guitar tone, I wouldn't say it was poor, the lead sounded pretty decent I thought. The rhythm guitar could maybe have sounded a bit heavier though. The song is well structured and flows well. Will sound good with some vocals over it. I think you could spend some time working on the drum sound though.

Anyway that was very good, and well put together. Nice one.