Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone possibly more knowledgable than myself on a subject could help me with something. I know someone who's girlfriends grandpa just passed and he was a big guitar player and they are selling his old gear. I was gonna buy some stuff cuz they are selling it pretty cheap and i was wondering if anyone could tell me about how much a couple guitars are worth. The guitars are a 1967 Gibson Les Paul(not sure if it's standard or custom, figured you could tell me about both) and a 1977 American Fender Strat. Now when considering value assume that they are in fact real and they are in mint condition with 100% all original parts. What could i expect to get out of these guitars? I'm more of a new age metal guitar player and i don't know a lot about older vintage guitars.

thats for the Gibson.

as for the Fender $2200-2700? idk just a guess really
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You need to take those guitars to a specialist dealer. It's impossible to properly value a guitar like that online. There are so many factors like natural damage to finishes over time, damage through use, wear, playing condition, originality.