I miss Charlotte, so you guys too!

I'm in gear-flip mode, so this is out the door - I can't find a thing I don't like about it...fat, deep cleans...rich, throaty gain...just a great amp overall. But GAS gets me.
So, as much as I like it, I'd like to try another flavor. Looking to keep this local to Raleigh for the moment.

Looking for amp trades only - this guy is in AMAZING shape. Looks like it walked out of a warehouse yesterday, with low hours on tubes.
Footswitch w/ cable, and power cable included - no manual, unfortunately. These things are popular for a reason - it's perfect for a cover band, country band, hell...POP and METAL bands!
The only tone it can't cop is a BAD one!

So, Raleigh mates - shoot me some trade offers! If you've got the cash, though, I'm only asking $600 OBO - very decent deal for an amp that's fairly new to market,
and backordered everywhere! And for those GREAT trade offers, I can throw in a Line 6 M9 and a Fulltone OCD v4 w/ box. Nice package, right?

Just a few quick pics - I'll certainly get better ones after the weekend.