Well, I bought the thing used and I've had it for a while, but now I think the switches are going out. The sound cuts out every time I turn on the compressor and then comes back as soon as my foot is off the switch. All the features and functions are operating properly. The overdrive works, the compressor works, it all sounds fine, but the compressor switch is being weird. The overdrive switch is kind of getting that way slightly and if it goes that way, then I'll sound weird playing live. Are my switches going out or is just something not needs cleaning?
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hey dude

i'm not a pedal expert guy but it sounds like you've got a dirty switch or loose joint.

i'd start with contact cleaner and work my way to the issue. plugged in.

it may need a trace

that is what i would do. its amazing what deoxit can do if given proper usage.
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