Well, I'm thinking of this song to go into a Prog Rock/Metal sorta feel (Sort of like Riverside, Lunatic Soul, Indukti, maybe a but Tool-ish?)... And at this point in time, it's untitled... :P

Life is a short opening
Amid the infinite time
of complete halt

Can we escape this frame
and live outside the
gauge of tangibility

Nuts and bolts
that's all we know
Built from scraps
behind the shed
Built from liars

Intromit the facts of life
And slip between
the fabric

Open the door kept ajar
And listen to
The voices of the know

Nuts and bolts
That's all we're taught
Built from scraps
behind the shed
Built by liars

Unlock the repressed voices
Unlock the hidden cries
Unlock the dormant laughter
Unlock the fearless mind

Nuts and bolts
that's all we are
built from scraps
behind the shed
Built out of liars


It's still in the working process... CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is greatly appreciated Thanks!
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I like it. For some reason, I read it and gave it a melody similar to what I think is Pink Floyd. I like it. I'd call it "Unlock" or "Nuts and Bolts". Those seem to be ideas you repeat throughout the song.
Yea I was thinking either "unlock" or "nuts and bolts", either those two or maybe "Scraps and Liars" or something, thanks for the input