Hello all,

My band just finished our first demo and we'd like to know what you think of our music! Let me know what you think about it, anything and everything goes, and please please please leave me links for me to crit you as well. Link is below:


Please and thanks!

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Cheers for the crit man, I had a listen to A Quiet Place. It really reminded me of Minus The Bear and I really enjoyed it. Also makes me think of Two Door Cinema Club actually. I think the synth sound you used in the intro could be better, but maybe it's just personal preference. The build up in the intro is really cool, and whoever's singing has a great voice. Really nice vocal melodies. Generally the guitar riffs are cool as well, the solo at the end was nice. Not the biggest fan of the snare sound though, the overdrive guitar tone could be a little better, the clean sounds really nice though. But being just a demo, it's really good.
I'm listening to A Quiet Place right now and so far I love this song, the recording quality is really great and your vocalist sounds good to me. I actually really like the tone on your guitars and loved the part that came in around 3:23. The only thing that really stuck out to me as something which could be changed was that the bass seemed to be a bit too prominent, though that might just be my speakers. Overall this is really good and really clean, awesome job seriously

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A Quiet Place sounds fantastic man. I love that it's just three of you. Tones were great and you found a way to sound unique while playing this type of music. The energy is great too.