Hey guys, I'm from a melodic death metal band called A Haunted Mantra. I wrote these lyrics for a song called Septoplastic Carnage after having sinus surgery. I think they're ****ing brutal. Watch a live performance of the song here:


Scream in pain
Anesthesia has failed
Incisions made
To carve inside my brain
It’s time to be brave
The surgeon leaves his mark
Scalpel pushing ever deeper
Into me
How long will
This ****ing hell last?
I want this pain
To subside
Oh God please give me morphine
Alleviate me
From this septoplastic carnage

Now the time is here
My body is mine no more
I’m leaving this world
Never to return
But I can’t help to wonder
Is this all that there is
Has to be something more to life
But I fear there’s nothing else
Why is the tone so bad?

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Generally good stuff, but you should work on spacing the lines out in the actual song, because it sounds to me like you're trying to force too long of a sentence in too short of time (f.ex. "How long will/This ****ing hell last?"). But good besides that.
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