The only thing remotely death metal about that was the vocals

Either way, I enjoyed it. It had a nice flow to it that was melodic and heavy at the same time. The music reminded me of a few bands that used to be pretty big on the local scene around here. I really liked the clean passage in the middle and the build up after it, I think it added an intensity to the song that wasn't present before it, I there should've been some longer screamed parts over the chords that continue for the remainder of the song though, or some more ambient singing over it. Something like that would've added to the feel of the song and made it more "epic."

Overall, the mix is decent, the guitars are a bit too bassy for me, they don't have much high mids, so they're lacking a bit of clarity for me. The cymbals are a bit harsh sounding, whereas the snare, bass and toms could be turned up a tad to cut better. Other than that, it sounds pretty good.


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The drums sound frickin' sweet.

The ascending harmonised lick is mixed really well, both on the clean and distorted. I think when the 2 guitars are chugging in the verse, the precision of it is lost a bit and ends up sounding muddy.

I'd have to agree with MatrixClaw, the only thing that makes it death metal is the vocals.

As far as the song is written, I think the clean intro and bridge both transcend well to the crunchy parts that follow.

I dont really know if your vocalist does melodic vocals but I think if there was some long drawn out notes/words/passages over the bridge/outro then that might just top the song off. Maybe even choir or chant vocals from the band?

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Thanks for letting us know and thanks for checking us out! We'll keep the feedback in mind as we record in the future.
I'd call this song more metalcore based on the music, death metal bc of vocals. Doesn't really matter either way. The clean tone in the intro seems a little spongy for my liking, but tbh that kind of thing comes down to preference. On the slow bridge, maybe have cleaner vocals? Seems like the place to do it, if you do that at all. Try it out. I like the dual clean guitars at around 4:00. The drums are a little strange to me there though, whether he is just knocking sticks or whatever, that seems like it ought to be switched with like a real drum hit every 2 beats. Put a solo at the section around 5:00 - 6:00? Then start to have it close with just the cool guitar part thats already in there.
Overall, cool song, it just seems like the vocals could stand to go beyong halfway lol. I like it though!
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