I'm trying to decide what 7 string I want. Either an ibanez rg7321 or a schecter omen 7. I've never owned anything more than a 6 string and I was just wanting some opinions on these guitars.
An RG7321 is a pretty good first 7 string. I like mine. It's probably better quality than the schecter
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those are the same two 7 strings i was choosing between..haha

anyways..im planning on getting the ibanez because i like the feel of ibanez's necks better and ibanez are like the leaders in 7 strings..hah
I love my RG 7 string. The Ibanez thin neck with the extra width for the 7th string mack the neck extremely comfortable.
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RG 7321 is going to be recomended all over da place, and theres like 3 on the wall at my samash (want)

but if u live in the states check out rondomusic.com
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Get a used Made in Japan RG7421/RG761 instead. Much better bang for your buck. They're great guitars, and will last you a while as they're a good modding guitar also. A pickup switch and you're in business!
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Out of those 2 I would definetly go for the RG. The first 7 I owned was a 7321 and it was a great guitar. Plus I'm not a huge Shecter fan, the necks feel like i'm holding a tree trunk IMO. And i hate to be the guy that suggest other guitars that you didn't mention, but have you considered LTD. They have a couple really good 7s. They have the sc-207 which is pretty cheap, cheaper than the RG, or if you wanted to pay a little more than the RG they have the MH-417. I've owned both of these and LOVED both.
Get a used RG7621 or RG7421 somewhere on eBay. They'll do you much better.

... Out of curiosity, what's your budget?

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I quite like my RG7321. I put in Dimarzios and it's pretty awesome.

I would say just try them both. Pick whichever you prefer.
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Not trying to be a fan boy, but finding a used rg7620 or 7420 would a be much better deal and a much better guitar. Mine was 400 nearly mint but you could probably find one for about 100 cheaper.
I just bought my second seven string. The first one was well over 10 years ago, with was a cheap Schecter when Schecter was just getting into the market. After market parts were insanely rare, and the guitar was a turd and I traded it for a 4X12 cab at the time.

Yesterday, I picked up an Ibanez Apex 2 off eBay. My recommendation is go used as you can get more bang for your buck. A new Ibanez RG7321 costs $400 new. I picked up a like-new Apex 2 for $520 off eBay.

That's my biggest recommendation. Look around, figure out your budget. Check out Agile's line of guitars as a lot of people enjoy their Interceptor and Septim series as well. I don't prefer floyd roses, so I didn't go with them.
I got my first 7 (RG-7321) a couple days ago, and I love the hell out of it.
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those are the same two 7 strings i was choosing between..haha

anyways..im planning on getting the ibanez because i like the feel of ibanez's necks better and ibanez are like the leaders in 7 strings..hah

Ibanez are not even close to being the leaders in 7 string.

What budget are you working with here? RG7321 is the standard to suggest, but if your budget allows it, you can do much, much better than the 7321.
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If you go with the RG7321 and decide to go used, from what I've read, the ones built in Japan are of the best build quality, followed by Korea, and then Indonesia in last place. They're currently built in Indonesia, so if you buy new, that's where it's coming from. Just an FYI.
Both of those 7s will need new tuners and pickups to be enjoyable (imo). Look for something used, 7421/7621 would be great. If you can find one of the old Schecter 007 guitars they sound HUGE. A used ESP ltd H-307 could be had for that price as well.
Thanks guys! I have about a $400 budget and I have defenatly ruled out the schecter. There's a local guitar store with a rg7321 so I'm gonna try it out soon and if I don't like it then I'll try to find some used ibanez's or ltd's. Thanks for the help!