I am thinking of buying a fixed bridge guitar as i am switching from acoustic to Electric guitar so which is best among,
Ibanez 2011RGR 321ex comes with basswood body Inf1 & inf 2 pickups
Ibanez xp300 fx ,comes with inf3 & inf 4 pickups, mahogany body
schecter demon 6, comes with Duncan Designed Active HB-105, mahogany body
cort vx 2x explorer comes with EMG-HZ OPEN SA1(F) & TB1(R) (H-H)
Cort kx custom comes with seymour duncan SH1('59) & SH4(JB) (H-H), mahogany body

So please suggest which is best, i like metal but sometimes i like to play progressive kind of music as well, Cort kx custom is costly as compared to other guitar so please suggest......
Schecter Demon 6 is a good all around guitar, Ive used the passive "Duncan Design" pick ups and they worked well for most genres but I can't speak for the actives. But if they are anything like the passives they will beat out most of the stock pickups you can get and cover most styles of music.

For ibanez the INF1 & INF2 is the best pickups they have in the infinity series the INF 3 & 4 are pretty bad, the INF1/2 don't do cleans very well but work well enough for metal however they can be noisy depending on where your playing. If you go with a Ibanez I would suggest using the money you save and buying pickups that suit your genre of music.

Given the information you've provided I would side with the Demon 6, tune-o-matic bridges give lots of sustain and holding there tunings very well, the actives probably lean more towards metal style but if you don't like them you can always swap them out for something else. When it comes to quality and a low-midrage price nothing beats schecter.

Remember when it comes right down to it get whatever one feels right to you, if you don't like sitting/standing with it then there's not much you can do about it. If it's not the exact tone your looking for you can always change it down the road!
Last time I was in a guitar shop a few weeks ago I was considering buying the RGR321EX. Quite a decent axe, not amazing like a proper prestige or anything, but pretty good. And to be totally honest I was more comfortable on that than on just about any of the other axes I picked up there, which did actually include a bunch of prestige ibbys (granted just about everything was setup poorly/out of tune/old strings etc so the RGR was one of the only ones I could actually tune properly without wasting time fixing up a trem ).
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Used LTD MH-417. They are really nice guitars with little price tags. And you can get them with passive or active p/u's
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