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Do you remember (regardless of age) what you were doing and where you were during the WTC attacks or when you first heard about them?

I was painting my first house with my step dad when my gf ran outside in a panic and told us to come inside, "NOW!." We literally jumped off of the ladders and ran inside.

We were just in time to see the confusion and conjecture going on about the first attack on TV (CNN) and watched the second attack live. The next hour after that is one of the most surreal times in my life, filled with fear of the unknown, and all kinds of feelings that i've never previously or since had to deal with in any other type of situation or event.

I remember it as if it was yesterday, as I suppose previous generations of Americans remember where they were when Martin Luther King jr., JFK, and John Lennon were shot.

tl;dr: Where were you and what were you doing during the WTC attacks? Do you remember? What went through your mind?
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i was 7 sooo...probably watching spongebob in my pyjamas
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I was 11, and I remember putting the TV on in the morning at around 8am to watch my shitty kids shows, and there was all this bullshit news that I didnt give a shit about on
Was trying to watch damn Cheez TV but it wasn't on because of the news

I was 7 then.
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I was in 1st grade. Didn't know it had happened until my mom told me after school picking me up. I didn't understand what had happened and what it meant so I was pretty much indifferent.

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I was young when John Lennon was shot but I still remember everyone talking about it and the general feeling among adults that the world was one rung lower a place that it had been before.

But despite my age (and that he wasn't from the US) I still can remember feeling something and where I was.

Yeah, i'm ancient. Don't I know it.
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Was in 5th grade. 11 years of age.

With my rice bubbles in hand. Wondering were the f#ck my Cheez tv was. Better yet the Cell games saga of Dragon ball Z...
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I was 11, and I remember putting the TV on in the morning at around 8am to watch my shitty kids shows, and there was all this bullshit news that I didnt give a shit about on

This. Except with Captain Planet. I think I saw delayed coverage of it all though because I live in NZ.
i was six, and was at home. in school, quite a few teachers were quiet and upset.
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I knew I should have waited until you guys went to sleep in Auss-land and it was morning here. S'okay, some more serious and emotional answers I hope, in a few hours.

That's okay, it's still interesting what was going on in the minds of everyone, no matter how far away you were or what country.

The Norway and Tsunami events in your parts and in Japan shook me up too, even though i'm from the U.S. Really shocking things like that, that suddenly happen, kind of tilt the world on it's axis (figuratively), for everyone.

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I remember it as if it were ten years ago.

I was listening to Howard Stern (I was in middle school). Well, not for very long. I was like, "What is this shit? Where is my puerile morning radio program?" I woke up my mom, she turned on the TV, and from there on out things start getting very offensive so I'll just quit while I'm ahead.
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12 years old ... well 11, whatever.

st. john neumann elementary school

6th grade

second period english class

we heard about the attacks over the intercom. spent the rest of the day on the computers watching people jump out of buildings and reading updates. watching the towers collapse.

i had football practice after. our coach had a friend in the WTC. our bishop told us not to go to school september 12th for a day of prayer and mourning.

it was surreal. people crying. people angry. i remember at first hearing about it assuming it was some kind of horrible accident. to process the fact that it was an intentional attack on our people ... terrifying. it was one of those things (especially since i was at that age already) that makes you start to begin the transition from child into a young adult.
I was 8 I think. I was probably in school, because my sister heard about it in school.

I couldn't really appreciate it at the time. Still can't, really.
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Was on my way to aikido lessons when I heard it. Week before me and my friend had gotten onto the subject of the taliban, but concluded we hadn't heard much of them to form an opinion.
I was 9 and at my friends house, his parents had CNN on and they told us to come watch. Since it was in English I didn't understand the words they were saying but I remember that the images from the TV spoke loud enough for me to understand something serious went down, and my friends parents tried to explain the event to us. It was a big deal overall in school and at home I remember.
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we heard about the attacks over the intercom. spent the rest of the day on the computers watching people jump out of buildings and reading updates. watching the towers collapse.

Yeah. That guy jumping out of the building. I'll never forget that. That's terrible.

Also, the people fleeing from the huge dust cloud in the street toward the camera. It reminded me of the old Godzilla movies. I remember that pretty vividly, also.
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I was 9, in art class, 4th grade. Had an announcement, telling everyone what happened. At the end of the day, went home and my friend Christine and I watched the news for a few hours.

I remember it like it was yesterday TBH.
I was in the Carlton Hotel in Burnley, which was where I used to go and get drunk and play pool most afternoons. I remember staggering around the pool table when someone said, "Hey, come and look at this" from the TV room, so I wobbled in, watched events unfold for a short while then went back to my pool game.

It wasn't until I had sobered up later that I realised the implications of just what I had seen, but at the time... well you've gotta remember that then, it had only been five years since the IRA blew Manchester city centre up, and that up until then, people of my generation in my country had been living with terrorism their entire lives, we were basically desensitised to it.
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I was flying planes that day...
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I was trying to watch cartoons, flipped to the news channel by accident.

Childhood was ruined.
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I was 9-10 and remember coming down stairs seeing my mum crying (tearful) and seeing one of the planes hit the building on television.

So many innocent people..
I was at school and I remember worrying about my dad who was working nearby at the time.
I was 11. It happened when we were in school, after lunch, so obviously none of the teachers had heard anything about it. Which is crazy when you think about it but this was before mobile phones and stuff were everywhere.
I remember coming home and turning on the television to find that the bloody news was on instead of Pokemon.

It took me a while to realise it was a terrorist attack. I was pretty upset because I was worried about my relatives in New York (despite the fact that they worked no-where near there, but I didn't know that). I was also sad that the buildings were gone because my Dad had often told us stories about watching them being built and how he'd take us up to them like his dad did.
Oh, I also remember being confused by the constant "no-one has claimed responsibility fo the attacks", I was just thinking "why the hell would you claim responsibility for it, America will be super pissed with you".
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I was in 5th grade, in Mrs. Letras's class working on my project on the Iroquois indians. Throughout class, kids kept getting called home on the intercom, to the point where we were like half there. Then we had an awkward early lunch, and the teachers weren't telling us shit, except that we were going home early. Got home, and sat with my parents on the couch, and stared at the smoke billowing from the North tower.

Crazy shit man.

Crazy shit.
I was in Ireland and was 5 years old. I remember some two firey towers on tv but being 5 I didn't give two shits.
At home, not giving a **** and sleeping. Not much has changed - right now I'm awake.

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I was 9. Got up in the morning for some nice Cheez TV with breakfast and my Dad was standing, almost mesmerised, looking at the TV. I turned my attention towards the small, illuminated box in the corner of the room showing tales of death and destruction.

I was too young, or perhaps just apathetic at the time to truly appreciate the monsterous implications of what I was seeing, but I understood that it was something completely unfathomable for that hour of the morning.

I distinctly remember getting to school that day and my teacher seemed somewhat distant, as if traumatised by some horrifying occurrence. He asked my class if any of us knew what had happened overnight. Silent pause. Someone throws out a suggestion that seems far too tame for the level of distress our teacher bore. I threw out a different, slightly more relevant suggestion. Still, not even close to the same scale.

He told us solemnly that there had been an attack. At our age, we couldn't even begin to comprehend what a 'terrorist' meant or even what they were capable of...
I was watching the olympics.
That's when the olympics were on right?
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I was at my mum's school where she was a teacher and someone came rushing in with the news about it. I didn't really know what was going on because I was about 8 at the time. My dad then came to pick me up and told me something like 'Don't worry about anything, just go a watch some cartoons,' so I did just that. I was happily watching Cow and Chicken for a few minutes until he came in the room and said 'Why aren't you watching the news?!' and that's all I remember.
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I just came back from a morning flight Luxembourg-London City-Luxembourg when I heard the US airspace was being closed down and all departing intercontinental flights had to return.
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Was walking home from school (or something) and this military obsessed kid started blabbering and I honestly didn't care. I was more upset I was grounded from spongebob. When I got home I realized what he was talking about.
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