hi guys

it's my new combo : a line 6 spider valve 212 mkii : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsXJsnN4mIU in direct mode .

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16 amps in 2 mode , 32 banks (4 in each banks ) , 2 X12 celestion vitange 30 , sovtek tubes in amp and preamp , , really good finition , tuner and 14 sec looper , di-y ( studio mode or performance for stage )

i love this amp , really dynamics
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I've always thought the distortion on them sounded very very artifical and horrid and this hasn't changed my mind tbh. The low gain settings really just sound like a bad SS type distortion to me, which isn't without its charms but it seems omnipresent on this thing. I'm by no means a hater of SS amps but this just really doesn't seem good at doing distorted tones, it sounds almost like a clipping mic or something on some of those settings.
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DEfinitely needs a good cabinet IR on it. Direct it sounds too distorted. However, after it passes through the powersection and speaker and the fizz is tamed a bit, I think they sound pretty decent.
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yeah don't like it, sorry.
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Your playing was good, and I don't think the tone was TERRIBLE, but it was definitely thin and kinda ice picky sounding.
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