Yo, haven't posted here for ages but thought I'd get some opinions.

So I've been pretty unmotivated lately so decided to force myself to write a song every week just for some structure. Already written 3 pieces this week, pretty odd stuff. All short, rhythmic and instrument interplay based... let me know what you think.

Somehow they all sound very similar.

I'd suggest you write 1 decent full-time song once a month. Quality>quantity

Though I'd probably not like it even if it were a full song, it sounds kind of... "cheesy/goofy" to me.
Naw, it''s pretty cool stuff you have I'd say. Only needs a bit more dynamics and such. Still pretty creative stuff.
awesome. Dream theaterish as hell.
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or was it one glass? (laughs)
I laughed at the awesomeness in the beginning
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Thanks dudes. Yea, they all center around G, which was really unintentional haha.

A big thing about them is in the past whenever I write something it's like "ok, I'm currently loving *insert artist* so I want to write something like that" and then whatever I write just sounds like a knockoff and has no originality/ I have no identity. So I'm trying to just write... and apparently what my style is (for better or worse) short, goofy (nothing wrong with that, Zeletros! haha) jerky riffs.

Hopefully as I go on they get more developed/more variety, but for now I'm happy that I can do some shizz that doesn't immediately/blatently sound like something else.

Thanks again, peoples!