Up for sale/trade here is my Epiphone LP standard in Heritage Cherry! I've owned this guitar for a few years now and it's been a pleasure to play!

All stock on the guitar, it's been gigged a few times but nothing too extreme! No damage besides the occasional bump or scratch, the electronics are fine and everything works as it should.
I'm selling this as I upgraded to a Gibson about 3 months after purchasing this (december '09) and have recently bought myself a new amp... so a little bit broke atm!

I'm looking for £200 (excluding p&p) or a trade for an Epiphone SG of similar value in cherry/red

I live in Hampshire near Portsmouth but am willing to drive and meet half way if not too far from here otherwise the posting fees can be worked out!

Feel free to ask questions, I'll be happy to answer them! Thanks

Pictures: http://s1235.photobucket.com/albums/ff429/Ajm007/

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Hiya, it looks nice is it still avaliable and is there any possible negotiation on the price?