I was going to learn "Rock You Like A Hurricane" by Scorpion today but while learning the intro solo I found out that it has a LOT of bends at the 22nd fret for part of it. A different solo I wanted to learn had that too

My problem is that I have a Les Paul and the 22nd fret is the very final fret and is really really tiny. It seems like it would be really difficult for anyone to do that! Do people do it though? Or does every shredder get a "shredder" guitar? What do you think?
Les Pauls have bad upper fret access but it should be possible easily enough, I think you just need to practice it enough. The fret isn't noticeably smaller than it would be on a 'shredder' guitar, just there's less body in the way on them.

For the record: it was originally recorded by Matthias Jabs who was apparently playing a strat at the time so the upper fret access would be better.
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I don't think there's such a major difference between guitars. Maybe a shredding guitar would have 1.5" longer scale but that wouldn't make such a difference. I personally have very big palms and didn't have problems with the higher frets in Les Pauls, the problem for me with Les Pauls is that the strings are pretty damn hard to bend, so maybe it's your problem too. Try using 009 strings.
If it's your solo guitar, you better play 009 so you can bend and vibrate freely. The tone lost is pretty minor, only the 009 string itself will be too "thin" in sound, but it's worth it.
Ah thanks guys, for me it's a mix of the string being hard to bend and the body being in the way. I guess I could get it eventually haha but yeah it didn't really have to do with the size
A lot of 22nd fret bends are done with LPs. The fret is just as tiny with almost any guitar, so just practise it.
Practice more. Bending is pretty hard at the upper frets anyway, but it's possible and not even very hard when you do it enough. This one classiscal piece (Vivaldi's Winter, I think) has a bend on the 24 fret of the 1st string, and even that is pretty simple when you get used to it.
When i traded my thin necked 24 fret i banez for a fat neck 22 fret les paul it was impossible for me at first to access the higher frets because i have pretty small hands.


I practiced my ass off and after a couple weeks i could access the higher frets just as easy as on the ibanez.