Hey everyone,

So I've been having a problem recently that I only notice on my high E string. Anywhere between the 9th and 17th fret I get a horrible buzzing noise that sounds as if the string is hitting the frets.
I've looked up several tutorials on how to fix this issue, but I'm being faced with more issues in trying to fix it.

First off I'm using an Ibanez RGT42DXFM with my string gauge at .09 (I've been wanting to change the gauge but that's what I have for now) and I usually play in D standard and standard tuning.

After looking up videos I assumed that the problem was the truss rod not being adjusted correctly. As far as I could see visually there was nothing wrong with it, but based on what I had seen in other examples I assumed the neck might have been in a reverse bow position. I tested the curvature by holding the 1st and last fret to see how much leeway there was in the strings and throughout all the strings there was no room left between the strings and the fret board. I tried to loosen the truss rod, but I noticed no difference in either the buzz or the amount of leeway in the strings no matter how much I loosened it. It just seemed the adjustments I was making had zero effect on the guitar. I also didn't want to loosen it too much because the screws at the headstock to adjust the truss rod seemed far more raised then necessary and I didn't want to cause any damage.

Because this didn't work I figured the height of the bridge may have been off. So I work on adjusting that as well but still no difference. It seemed that no matter what adjustments I made to the bridge the amount of buzzing either stayed the same or would get worse.

I don't play any live shows so this isn't completely debilitating to my guitar playing, but I would really like to fix this ASAP because it is rather annoying. So if anyone has any suggestions of what I can do to fix this issue or if it would be a better idea just to hand it in to a guitar tech I would appreciate it.
If I left out any information that you may need to get a better idea of what's going on just let me know and I'll be sure to point it out.
Although I don't think this is the kind of advice you're looking for, I'll say it anyway: Take it to luthier.
i would have first adjusted that strings saddle height. if its just one string, then thats where i would go first.
to check the neck, take a straight edge like a metal ruler and lay it down your frets. check if it sits flat on all the frets.