Hello GG&A forum, i have a new amp. and its BS, no, not bullshit, .....

Now, have a guess what exact Blackstar it is..


HT Stage 60,

and i couldn't separate the Brothers in the shop, so i had to bring home,

Htv 212 Cabinet As well.

Sound clips... /currently unavailable, I'm house-sitting and am away from any recording equipment ( bar my phone, may make a video)

We have a 60Watt combo, With el34's and eec82 and 83.
70/80 speakers, ( I don't feel the need to change them at the moment, I'm Penniless at the moment now anyway!)

3 channels, Clean, OD1 and Od2.
This amp is Very versatile, From fender cleans to Very high gain ( well more than I feel I will use anyway)

I play quite variety of Songs in my band, So Versatility is a must, and i have to say, this amp Is Fantastic for the price, With my old amp Marshall JCM 900 4501 112 combo , i dreaded clean passages, but with this amp, I'm more than happy to clean up.
For those of you who don't know, This amp has voice switches, on all three channels, The Voice on the clean channel switches the Sound Between a more vintage Clean tone, with a mid hump and a tendency to break up, and a more modern Clean sound with more headroom.
The Switch on OD1 i cant seem to tell too much difference, i think, once again it adds a bit of mid.
The Switch on OD2 however is VERY useful, if you have yourself a 1 button Footswitch, you can use it to enable the mid and slight volume boost to cut through when playing lead. I use the More scooped sound for playing rhythm ( dial in a bit more mid to counteract) and then stomp for solos.
The gain is very usable, and what i like about this amp is that it tends to be a bit of an all rounder, as opposed to some other brands. Whatever you play it sounds Awesome, although if you dial in too much gain at lower volumes you will loose definition. I tend to keep gain below half, And even so, I can nail lamb of god, Megadeth, Metallica, E.t.c, it could probably go heavier, But i don't yet need it too.
The onboard reverb is digital, and fits the sound of the amp well, with a button on the back to switch between dark and light.

The amp also comes with a 4 way footswitch, Clean Od1 Od2 and Reverb, and like i said with the addition of a single footswitch you can use the Voice Switiching to boost for solos.

The 212 cabinet adds more depth to the sound, although still sporting 70/80's
( not a big problem, anything sounds better than the old jcm assy fizzbox. )

Well i hope that's classed as a review,
Here are some photos taken with retro-camera for something different, the the backdrop of the medieval house I'm currently staying in.

Tl;Dr, Go back and read it, Lazy.

I hope you enjoy mah Thread!!
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Sexyyy I've always wanted a Blackstar.

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I really want to try one of those out...I'll have to get around to it at some point.
Nice. Happy new amp day!
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Well Blackstar are the masters of bullshit so .............................


Some light on the subject might help. Those pics are awfully dark.
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congrats on the new amp.

well play'd troll bait in the title.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
The cleans on that amp are great, some of the cleanest cleans I have ever heard out of a tube amp.

I tried to test all of the features out, but after owning a jet city for a while all those knobs and switches scare me.
That's pretty cool dude, I bet they sound awesome, I laughed at the not separating the brothers thing, I do that sort of thing myself sometimes haha.
I have a BS 1W for practice/recording - it is one of the finest amps for my purpose I have EVER played thru!!! Built like a tank too!

I hope you are loving your purchase - would so go to BS as a first stop try out from now on! I'd like to try that head to head with my Laney TT50

Good score matey!
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