Hi everybody.
I do a effect video series called Effectology on how to get crazy impossible sounds from your guitar.
Below is the latest episode

Effectology Vol 23: "The Ravish Sitar"

In this episode I explore the amazing sounds of the Ravish Sitar pedal.

Settings forum page:

All the episodes can be seen here:

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Bill Ruppert
when's this pedal coming out and how much will it be?
Also what amp do you use, i have a semi-crap solid state and am unsure if this pedal will work well with my amp

Great video too
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It should be out latter this month.
I am not sure of the price but I think i heard street price is around $240???
Not sure.

I use amp sims and record direct.
I use just a very clean Fender amp sound.
Totally clean and neutral.
If your amp can play some what clean you are good to go.
Of course adjust the tone to fit your system and ears.
thanks for watching!