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alright so I started messing around with some new recording stuff, including drum loops, and made this song today for a new demo that I'm working on.

the song's here--> http://soundcloud.com/chris-kay-demos/find-my-place-demo

and just leave a link if you want me to crit anything in return

I like this! The guitar could be fixed up a bit, but at the same time, I like the way it sounds with the song. Its unique! Vocals are pretty good too! Keep up the good work!


I agree that the guitar could be cleaned up, it's nothing major but there are some rhythmical nuances that I caught in the main lick. The vocals are spot on for the most part! You can sing, my friend. I like the mellow part toward the end, but I think it could be even mellower in order to contrast more with the powerful parts of the songs. You should also double track your vocals and add some delay to the second one, I think it would help fill it out a bit, and also maybe up the treble on the vocals. They're definitely warm enough. Overall you did a good job, and I realize it's just a demo and demos are rough around the edges usually :P

Thanks for your crit!

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hmmmm.. this reminds me of red jumpsuit apparatus. :'] i like itt!
i'm hearing a slight conflict between your vocals and the pace of the music though, thats nothing that couldnt be fixed with more mixing though. i like the guitar but im not overly fond of the tone, but really a small crit. i liked it overall. 8/10

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