The painted desert
In the vast open land where wind is untamed
The barren landscape has made a impact on life
Infinate numbers are crunched in this sandbox
Lapse feeling of steady aim
Towards my curious appetite
To journey through the bright pale moonlight
In the desert where the temperature is below freezing
Minus everything else that happened today
In the unforsaken heat

Great coment crashing in an Arizona desert
Late at night where the dense smoke clugs my jet lag
From traveling in time over again
Where the dead seem to appear from their graves
While comprehending how to move on
In the wasteland where white noise
Has been recurring in my dreams
Fills the void in pitch black
By sensing trouble and conflict in the near future
Recreating a hoax to divide this planet once again

Difficult to think about critques in myself
When no one has the ability to think
I'm stranded here observing a time
Places seem to be extinct when pangaea dissolved
Into the ocean and formed continents
Across the globe filled of fire and ash
Earthquakes felt like an unsettled stomach
When the planet will return to life
Once the great cleanse has ended
While it won't happen over night
theres a certain hankering for the apocalypse in there methinks. I like, very nice, liked the cunning placement of the word minus too, thumbs up
thanks, ive been inspired by nature, government politics, band behemoth & faith no more, and coffee when i wrote this piece