Hey everyone, I am basically going to hang all my guitars on my wall in my room, I have too many cases(no space) and I hate stands because they can easily tip over.

The wall mounts I am buying are very sturdy, the only thing I am worried about at this point is the humidity levels in my room.

I know that acoustics tend to be more affected by this than electrics, and 2 acoustics are going to be on the wall.

My room is on the smaller side, and it has a big window, but the guitars wont get direct sunlight.

I live in SoCal, 30 minutes from LA. So we don't get that much rain, and its 60-80 degrees most of the year.

I am considering just buying a room humidifier that you plug on the wall, that will solve the problem correct?
we live in l.a., and use a dehumidifier much more than a humidifier to keep our guitars healthy and sounding good. that being said, a few months ago the humidity here dropped to below 20%, and just the other day it got up to 80% humidity - and we're not near the beach - so it's best to have a working tested hygrometer in the room, plus a room humidifier and a dehumidifier.
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