Hey all, fellow musicians, i need help =(
so i bought a shure SM58, and i already had a USB interface, with quite a dodgy name "GUITAR LINK" (bought off from ebay), now it is cheap and chinese, of course, but when i tried it with my guitar it all worked fine, the sound was there at least.
now i bought a shure, it came with this jack connector at the end, same as guitars lead, so i thought "great, i can connect through my usb interface" and when i did, the sound was barely there... so, did i get a broken shure? or the usb interface has to be a good one for it to work or....?
ANY help would be appreciated, and yes as you can see im pretty newb...

oh and im running on windows XP, recording through fruity loops..uuhmm..yeah, any help? =)
The problem is because your interface doesn't have a mic preamp. It works fine for taking a DI of a guitar signal, to be used in-the-box (with software) going into amp sims that will amplify the DI'd signal sufficiently. You're essentially plugging your mic directly into your DAW, instead of amplifying the signal to a usable level first.

To solve this you either need to get a mic preamp to run between the mic and the guitar interface; or get an interface that has a mic preamp(s) as well as DI inputs, which would be the better option in my opinion. I'd also suggest you do one of these anyway, as going XLR-1/4" jack probably isn't helping your signal flow, as they're rarely of a decent quality. Get something that has mic preamps, and that will take XLR inputs, so you can get a professional, balanced microphone cable.
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wow..first of all thank you for such a fast reply (ultimate guitar is awesome) =))

i actually have no idea, it says guitar/usb interface on it, its really basic....has a guitar icon on it, where i plug in the lead, and a headset slot.... that's pretty much it =)

ohhh..so a guitar doesn't need a preamp thingy and a dynamic mic does? gutted =((

if so, could you or anyone, point me in the right direction of a cheap (i am only a student) interface that would do the job?
and wow again, you people answer so quickly i cant even respond in time....

DisarmGoliath could you point me in the right direction so i dont screw up somehow, all of this is rocket science to me when i look at interfaces =/
No problem, you're probably on at a lucky time to get quick responses, but I'll take the compliments for us anyway

Anyway, yeah sure - if you're really on a shoe-string budget, you can't do much better than the M-Audio Fast Track for decent quality at a very low price. You may find that link useless, if it doesn't adapt to your location for the prices/retailers, but if you just google the name and look it up on the shopping search feature, you should find a good price somewhere.

It has all you will need anyway - one mic preamp, with +48V phantom power in case you ever get a condenser mic, and one Hi-Z/instrument input for your guitar, plus a headphone output with volume control, and gain controls for each input (though despite what that may suggest, you can only use one input at once - something a few people have tried here recently only to be disappointed lol).

I normally don't recommend too much M-Audio gear, but I think the entry-level Fast Track is definitely something that punches above its weight at the beginners' entry-level of the market!

Edit: I'll also add that despite it being bundled with a version of Pro Tools, you're probably better off learning the ropes with whatever you already use or Reaper (a very cheap DAW, that technically can be used for free though it is slightly discouraged as it is purely generosity that the makers don't limit the software to a 30-day free trial, but allow you to still use it after the trial in the hope you'll eventually pay for the cheap license). Pro Tools M-Powered is something I'd suggest avoiding as it is very behind the times, and compared to other DAW's it really lacks features many of us take for granted.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
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ahh i see, lucky me, lol ^^

wow, these things are almost the price of the mic itself, world is crazy... so yeah i am a sucker for ebay found this one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M-Audio-Fast-Track-USB-Interface-/280734653153?pt=Midi_Controllers&hash=item415d16dae1#ht_500wt_1156
why the is it SO cheap compared to others? fake?

That's cheaper because it's the 'Mk I' version, if you get what I mean. The one I linked to is the new version; the old one is no longer manufactured, and is discontinued (i.e stores that have any are just selling left over stock, and once that's gone - it's gone). You could get by with that one too really, other guitarist in my band has one somewhere that he uses as a monitor controller lol.

But of course, if you bought the one on eBay you'd have no warranty or anything if something was to go wrong - it's up to you really, but obviously you can trust a store more than an eBay seller.
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hey again, i reeeally need some help.. so i went the cheap way and after reading tonns of good reviews bought the blue microphones icicle... plugged it in and now get those cracking/clicking/distorted sounds whenever i plug my m58 in... i will attach an audio file.. is that a mic problem or the icicle problem? is there a way to get rid of that...accompaniment....

and **** this is so frustrating, should've just bought a usb mic

EDIT: yeah so my 5 secs of sound is too large... here's a link... http://www21.zippyshare.com/v/48992563/file.html

please help =(
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