Hiya I've only been playing drums since March(or maybe Feb can't remember) and my cymbals are peeling now from myself(the first month or so), brother, brothers-in-laws, cousins, nieces and nephews all beating the hell out of it. It's what I believe is it Peace Demolition series(snow white) it has stock heads still, but the other day I noticed that the snare head is ripping...so I need to buy new a new snare head, new heads for toms and bass, new hi-hats and new crash. Plus I'd like to buy a ride because it seems alot of the songs I'm playing require a ride but I've been playing the ride part on the crash so I'd get use to having to play a note there.

Things I want to get:
Sabian B8 2-Pack(Crash/HHs)
Remo Weather King Coated Ambassador Head(Snare head)
Remo Ambassador Coated New Fusion Tom Drumhead Pack(Toms)

How should this order go if:
Hi-Hat+Crash insanely peeling.
Snare head ripping
Stock heads
No Ride
What do you mean by peeling? Like, cracked, or...?

Either way, the snare head is probably the thing that you should get right away since a kit without a snare... isn't a kit, basically

After that, depends on what you mean by "peeling", but if the cymbals are damaged and you want to replace them then might as well get the B8s. After that I'd say get stock heads then a ride.
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Snare and cymbals first. The b8 pack should come with a ride, all cymbal packs should really.

After that, then replace the stock heads
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Definitely replace those as fast as you can, and preferably bury them where nobody will ever find them/make them into a stack or something. Try and get the snare head at the same time as those if possible, though as I said I'd get the snare before those since at least those are... kind of playable.