i just bought EZdrummer and plan to use it with reaper......but i have a problem.
when i drag a midi file into reaper it shows up, but doesnt sound out.

you can obviously see all of the drum hits like they are there, you just cant hear it

Oh hey, I didn't see you there
no i cant figure that out

sorry, im learning as i go here
Oh hey, I didn't see you there
Do you have EZ Drummer running as a VST in the track you dropped the MIDI files in (or setup as a Send to the track that has EZ Drummer loaded on)?

*edit* Make sure you have "Options > Preferences > VST" set to the folder your EZ Drummer .dll file is placed in. You can try pressing "Auto-detect," but sometimes that doesn't work properly. Click "Re-scan" just to make sure, then "OK."

Drag your MIDI file into Reaper and on the track you've placed the MIDI file in, click the little button on it that says "fx." This will open a new window, which should automatically pop-up a search window, if not, press "Add" at the bottom. Type in "EZ" in the filter and select EZ Drummer from the list, choose whichever kit you want to use when it loads. Press play, and you should now hear sound.
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