you have to do a turning motion from the wrist after the down-stroke so when you are going up the pick is at such an angle it slides of the string instead of getting caught on it.

good :

like this it gets stuck :

the turning motion should come natural. don't over do it, just keep it as minimal as possible.

if this is not the problem check if the edges of your pick are damaged (by using it as screwdriver or biting on it for example)
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I wouldn't get caught up with 'turning' it. Just experiment with different angles of attack, and make sure you aren't too heavy on the upstroke
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Limit the exposed section of the pick, and don't go in with that drastic of an attack angle.

That should help tremendously.
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Thanks guys. I dont have much pick sticking out. But it could be tilted to me.

Ok still not improving, but I shall keep at it!!!!

Don't change to hold the pick like the guy in the first picture. He's got far, far too much of the pick showing. Much less control that way.

Something that should improve your upstrokes pretty quickly is playing them slowly and hard. When you pick hard it seems to ingrain the right movement into your muscle memory better.

To pick harder, don't tense up. Just lower the pick so that more of it is making contact with the string.
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