So i was on my laptop with the TV on and this program was on and i reckonised the song on it but I can't for the life of me remember what it is, if anyone could shed light on possible the band or the song title it would be much appreciated


song plays at about 39.00 in

and yes I have no idea why this was on my TV but it just was
what the hell were you doing watching strictly come dancing...

but no idea sorry. i also notice it but not sure where from.
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I would if i could man Sadly i cant find the video cause no one has uploaded it I can slightly describe the song if that helps at all, got a kinda triplet feel in the drums with a sort of floor tom floor snare, and the guy singing is going da ra da da da over and over and theres a guitar part mimicing it.

I know this probably doesn't help at all but its the best I can do I'm afraid
I don't even have to see the vid to know it's Howlin' For You.
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