My latest recorded piece. I'm hesitant about calling it prog since aside from some weird synths here and there it's pretty traditional in terms of composition and stuff... but what the hell

You can listen to it here: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/creeping.death!/music/all/play1042661

Oh, C4C, just leave a link
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This song is groovy as hell. I found myself jamming along to it the whole time. xD The synth/organ-ish sections sound super Color's-era Between the Buried and Me at parts, which I love. And when it hits that harmonic-ish minor sounding section, I really dug that. Excellent song!

Sounds awesome Love the intro 8 bit(?) riff and the weird synth. The riffs are nice but they go on for too long :c
I thought the whole song had a really dope vibe man! I like the composition and structure of it, straight forward but still great! I find it sounds brutal, yet uplifting and eerie all at once. It's kind of hard to describe and categorize which is a good thing, at least I think so! I can imagine more leads over it though, and also some sweet vocals too, maybe you should try adding some more stuff and itll be even better!
Hey man thanks for the crit, I'll crit as I listen. Awesome Synth stuff going on. I'll agree about the leads and maybe some vocals. Adding those 2 would make the song flawless. I could see where our taste in guitar tones may conflict a bit (referring to your crit) I would also like to hear it with real drums? I like the harmonic minor lead stuff. Always a cool scale. I like my drums a little more upfront in the mix, but it sits nice in there with the guitar on this track. Cool double kick and Cool panning stuff at the end too. I dig the track a lot man good job.
enjoyed this. correct me if i'm guessing incorrectly, but do you listen to coheed and cambria? i hear a bit of influence from them in this, but of course, its my interpretation. im a big coheed fan anyways, so i loved it. i think maybe the verse guitar riffs go on a little long, but of course, with no vocals its bound to seem that way without knowing the structure that the vocals will add so thats really a small critisism. good job!
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