Ok, i have a cheap ibanez gsr200 that i got used for $150 when i started 6 years ago. I love it with all my heart and its a great instrument regardless of its price or "beginner's bass" status. The link below is a video i made to show the tone of the bass:


Lately I have noticed that i have 400 bucks lying around and i was wondering if i should get an upgrade. Not to replace my beloved Ibanez, just to complement it. Im getting bored, you could say. Im also interested in starting a serious band with a friend and my beat up bass might not be the best road-friendly instrument by itself.

I've been really conisdering a Fleabass but I'd have to order online without ever actually playing one. No music stores in my area stock them in the stores. Plus, the internet has very opposing viewpoints on them so I don't know what to beleive.

I guess my questions are these:
1) Should I "upgrade"? (get a similar quality bass, with a differnt sound though)
2) What funky basses do you recomend that are under 500 dollars?
3) Are Fleabasses really a poor man's Stingray?

The type of music I'll play is basically Red Hot Chili Peppers style, as well as some old school disco funk.

PS- Im new to Ultimate Guitar Forums. So if i broke an unwritten rule of some sort, go easy on me por favor

edit: I dont have enough extra cash to truly upgrade to a stingray or something...
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for real though i found it worthwhile to buy new pickups and what not for my ibanez gsr200. funk basses? old peavy milleniums haha
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I've got a GSR200 that I've modified pretty extensively. it's weak points are the electronics and the neck. Personally, I think the Ibanez SRX390 is one of the best basses for it's price. You can find one used for under $350 no problem and it plays better than basses I've played that cost several thousand dollars.
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Searchbar and you'll find a recent thread or two regarding the Fleabasses. The short story though is that some people are ok with them, some aren't. QC isn't particularly great, its not exactly the best value, and its definitely not a "poor man's Stingray."

As for real suggestions, if you're looking for funk, a Squier Vintage Modified or Classic Vibe Jazz sounds like its right up your alley ($300-$350, new). If you want something Stingray-esque, look for an Ibanez ATK, or look for a used Musicman SUB (around $500 used).
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