I'm looking for a new guitar to fit my style... I'm looking for a guitar with a floyd rose, maple neck, dual humbuckers, (passive ones) hopefully 24 frets, and a colorful finish. I also need it to be sub 1000. I play mostly van halen, satriani, guns n roses, and others alike. thanks!
Sounds like you want a jackson, in crimson swirl, get a dinky, youll be pleased.
or you could look at ibanez they make some quality guitars that can play a lot of that stuff like that. An RG or and S would be good

The assault 220 FR, either black or white, they both rock, i wanna get a white one.

It has dual humbuckers, floyd rose (not licensed though), 24 frets, the neck is not maple, its mahogany, and you can get it for about 300$, if you can spend almost 1000, you can do some upgrades, like a sustain block for the floyd, maybe better humbuckers if you dont like those...
Used Ibanez Prestige or Japanese 80s-90s RG, Japanese Jackson, Japanese Charvel.
I wouldn't mind active I guess. and I prefer the strat style body if possible.. I was looking at the charvel san dimas style 1 which would be perfect except they dont have any in stores near me :/
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