Hey guys, download my free debut EP!

In a Benn Jordan fashion, bansheebeat brings IDM to outer space with this calming, electric EP. Galactics delivers the ambiance of a space station, and wouldn’t sound out of place in Xenosaga. Rather than going for a feeling of emptiness or infinity, the EP simply lights up and pulses for the listener, taking the “emptiness” out of space and filling it with the lunar bases/space hotels of the future. “Above the Stratosphere” is the charming highlight, filled with eclectic melodies and an easygoing, exotic percussion. In its entirety, the album gives a warm, if processed, sensation of living around technology.

bansheebeat handles his music with a modern flair; looking back while moving forward, he falls more into the revivalist scene populated by the likes of Nosaj Thing and Shlohmo. His music is dreamy, trippy and spacey, soft and reflective; not immediate, just immediately hypnotizing. At times it's almost cushioning, while at others it acts like a gentle nudge; sometimes it acts as both, like a guiding hand leading you past the velvet curtain into the worlds that are always, seemingly, just beyond reach.


1. 'Above the Stratosphere'
2. 'Neurotransmitters'
3. 'Hydraxis'
4. '"...First You Must Invent the Universe"'